New Orleans Greek Festival 2020

47 Years of Greek Food, Live Music, and Family Fun

Shopping | New Orleans Greek Festival 2020

Let’s go Shopping!

Looking for something special to remember the Festival? Want to try your hand at preparing some authentic Greek cuisine at home? Be sure to stop at all the shops at this year's Festival and view the latest imports and artwork.

T-Shirt Pavilion

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Show everyone where you had fun in May with a Greek Festival New Orleans T-shirt! Choose from many great styles and colors!


Hellenic Imports

Show off your Greek pride with a visit to the Imports Booth! All items in this corner of the Agora are imported from Greece and include Alabaster Statues, Ceramic Tiles and Miniatures, Vases, and Worry Beads as well as Stone Statues, Music Boxes, Greek Icons, and an assortment of Ladies Dresses, Blouses, and Skirts.

The Agora

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We've brought back the Agora, or outdoor marketplace, and made it better. Choose from a treasure trove of Greek paintings, souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, and more. The Agora can be found under the tents near the front entrance.


Holy Trinity Museum Store

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Festival visitors can purchase prints of Byzantine icons suitable for framing that were created in the mid 1800s for the original Little Holy Trinity Church. Each icon print has a certificate of authenticity created by the Holy Trinity Archives Committee. Other items representing the historic collection of Holy Trinity will also be available: prayer bracelets handmade in Greece and blessed in the Saint Spyridon Church in Corfu and other Greek jewelry imported from Europe, golf shirts with Byzantine logo, Holy Trinity icon notecards with images of Holy Trinity icons saved through the years, Orthodox books, and Commemorative Consecration ornaments. Also available will be a reproduction from Holy Trinity’s historic collection: an art print of the first little church commemorating 150 years in New Orleans also with a certificate of authenticity. All proceeds from this booth go directly to supporting the conservation of Holy Trinity relics and artifacts.
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The Greek Grocery

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Don't let the Festival end after three days! Enjoy our Greek Cuisine by taking home delicious ready to serve items or by making your own. Select from an assortment of cookbooks as well as fresh and imported ingredients, and try your hand at Greek cookery.


Vegan Meze Combo!

Our ever popular Greek Grocery creation - a vegan appetizer sampler can be enjoyed at the Festival or taken home for later.  It comes with a lentil and farro salad in our Greek dressing, served with skordalia (Greek garlic dip), petal bread, dolmathes, and kalamata olives.


Cheese & Olives

Manouri (semi-soft fresh cheese from goat milk), Kefalotiri (hard salty cheese from sheep milk), Kasseri (med-hard cheese from sheep milk), Mizithra (Greek whey semi-hard cheese from sheep milk), Feta; Kalamata olives from the city of Kalamata in the southern Peloponnese.


Homemade Dips

Eggplant Salad Dip, Hummus, Skordalia (garlic spread), Tzatziki (light yogurt and cucumber dip), Taramousalata (red cavier spread).


Spices & Sweets & Sundry Delights

Try our new baklava cheesecake cups - a delicious fusion of our traditional baklava and creamy cheesecake - a refreshing delight paired with a glass of wine or Mastiha cocktail that will satisfy your palette!

Greek gourmet spices by the bag, Greek Olive Oil, Halva, flavored honey, assorted preserves, homemade rizogalo (rice pudding), delicious homemade Greek Bread, homemade Greek salad dressing, sponges, cookbooks and more!


Visit our Kalamata Corner!

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Kalamata Olives, homemade Kalamata bread biscuits, Kalamata olive tapenade, Kalamata olive t-shirts, and more!