New Orleans Greek Festival 2019

46 Years of Greek Food, Live Music, and Family Fun

Cuisine | New Orleans Greek Festival 2019

Amazing Greek Cuisine

Kali Orexi is the Greek phrase for Bon Apetit! Literally, it translates to good appetite, and bringing a good appetite to the Greek Festival New Orleans is its own reward. Choose from a wide selection of authentic Greek cuisine, handmade in our kitchen, guaranteed to satisfy your Orexi! Scroll down to see the wide assortment available this year.

New Items This Year

Moussaka & More Booth: Delicious Moussaka, Feta Fries, and Greek Salad.
Mastiha Bar:
Enjoy a specialty cocktail or Mastiha on the Rocks!
Lamb Plate:
Spring Rotisserie Lamb with Tomato Orzo au Jus and Roll
The Not Just for Vegans Platter:
Lentil and Faro Salad with Skordalia (Potato Garlic Dip), Pita, Dolmades, and Kalamata Olives
Meze Sampler:
Chick Pea Salad with Tzatziki, Pita, dolmades, and Kalamata Olives
Gluten free items — Beet Salad, Dolmades at the Greek Grocery, and Lamb!

Entrées, Salads, and Savories

Greek Dinner

Pastitsio, tiropita, kieftethes (Greek meatballs), dolma (stuffed grape leaves).

Vegetarian Plate — spanakopita, tiropita, and two rice-filled dolmades (vegetarian)


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Delicious gyro meat with tzatziki sauce, grilled onions, served on warm pita bread.


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Grilled pork or chicken served with pita, tzatziki sauce and onions

Spring Lamb Platter with Orzo

Spring Lamb!
Greek style, slow roasted rotisserie lamb, succulent, seasoned with Greek spices, and served with Tomato Orzo au Jus and Roll — delicious!

Moussaka & More — New!

Delicious eggplant and meat layered entree with rich bechamel sauce served at our newest food booth, Moussaka & More, where you can get Moussaka, Feta Fries, and Greek Salad!
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Greek Fries

Fried potatoes prepared with a special blend of Greek spices (sold at the Moussaka booth).

Goat Burgers

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Delicious grilled lean hamburger “the other red meat” (sold at Souvlaki booth)

Greek Salad

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Fresh greens, Tomatoes, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, homemade Greek dressing (vegetarian). Available inside the Community Center and outside at the new Moussaka & More food booth!

Beet Salad

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Beets, red onions, homemade Greek dressing (vegetarian)

For the Kids

Steamed Hot Dogs — cooked to perfection

Desserts and Drinks

Baklava Sundae

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Delicious baklava crowned with soft-serve vanilla ice cream topped with baklava spices of cinnamon and nuts, and a cherry.


Greek Beignets served with honey and cinnamon or Nutella.

The Pastry Shoppe

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Over twenty traditional homemade Greek pastries, including baklava, galaktobouriko, kourambiedes, cakes, and cookies.

Mastiha Bar — New!

Look for the Mastiha Bar where we’ll serve the liquor over ice, straight up, or as a refreshing specialty Mastiha cocktail! Mastiha from Chios: a unique liquor flavored with resin from mastic trees which only grow on the island of Chios, Greece. Served cold, it has a crystal clear color and a sweet aroma; try it as a digestif!

Abita Beer

Abita Beer on tap, served ice cold


Pomegranate, Ouzo daiquiris, Mango plus Ouzo jello shots


Greek red, white, and rose (by the bottle and glass) at the Taverna
Dionysian Delight Wine Spritzer: Greek wine with soda over ice


Traditional Greek anise-flavored aperitif; sold by the bottle or shot at the Taverna


Frothy iced Greek coffee; served at the Loukoumades Café

Pomegranate Ice Tea

Homemade from fresh pomegranates; served at the Loukoumades Café

Soft Drinks & Bottled Water